July 12, 2019

Laura C

"Have been using Amshel pet sitting service for over 20 yrs! They are the best. Gail is awesome, and wonderful pet sitters work alongside her. They are like family and I am so relieved knowing they are taking care of my pet when I happen to be out of town."
January 20, 2018

Adam Orange

"I am not a customer of Amshel Pet Sitting , however after visiting the service this past week I was truly taken back by the care they show for their own pets. Animals are truly great judges of character and these folks would pass the animal test with flying colors. Don't hesitate to call them. I would imagine they are about the best around."
February 5, 2017

L Folino

"never worry about my dog when she is in the care of Amshel. Top notch."
November 2, 2016

Tricia Poli

"As an employee I am proud to represent Amshel's Home Pet Sitting Service and be a part of a team that is 100% committed to fulfilling each and every client and pets needs. Welcoming pets into our homes, daily walks,sleepovers at clients homes and transport needs have offered me so many new friendships and the opportunity to spend time with so many wonderful animals!"
July 15, 2016

Rram Walls

"The service is great. You will love the personnel and the great service and attention you receive from them. All the pet sitters give such loving care and attention to the animals. Gail is delightful and always willing to work things out with clients."