Our Pet Sitting Services

Because we know that every pet is different and every pet parent has different needs, we offer an array of pet care services to meet whatever your needs may be. We’re proud to be considered one of the best dog and cat sitting services in the area, and we have built that reputation by offering the following services:

Client Home Visits

Whether your pets require special care or you just prefer for them to be cared for in your own home, we will come to you. On top of love and attention, we can provide your pets with walks, feedings and other general care. We start with an introductory visit and a meet and greet, so your pet can get to know us. We spend 30- to 45-minutes per visit doing all the necessary chores needed such as walking, playing, scooping litter boxes, feeding, medicating… but mostly loving! We also provide overnight dog and cat sitting stays in your home, for 12 hours, which include two walks in the morning and evening, then before bedtime, a let out. Mid-day walks are also available for an additional cost.

In-Home Pet Boarding (Sitter homestays)

If you would prefer that we care for your pets in our own homes, we can do that too! Your pets will benefit from 24-hour overnight pet sitting including tons of individualized TLC. Selecting the sitter homestay option provides your dog, cat or other pet with even more one-on-one time with a human being while you’re gone, allowing them to feel at home even when they are somewhere else. We provide exclusive individual care to one family’s pet at a time. In order to make the best possible experience for your friend, we always perform a prior home visit, so your child can get acclimated to their new sitter and surroundings.

Additional Services

Aside from our regular boarding and general pet care services, we also offer a number of other helpful services to keep you and your pets as comfortable and happy as possible. Hate picking up dog poop? We offer our yard scoop services to take care of it for you (Monday-Friday clients only). Can’t make it to your vet appointment? As part of our cat and dog sitting services, we have a pet taxi service that will shuttle your dog or cat wherever it needs to go.

We’re A Perfect Fit

Think Panza’s Home Pet Sitting Service might be the perfect fit for you and your pets? We think so too! Our pet care services are dedicated to providing your dog, cat, bird, reptile, rabbit, fish, horses or any other pet with all of the care that it needs in your absence. To learn more or schedule overnight pet sitting, contact us today at 412-963-6933.

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